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Now online: Lancelot Andrewes, “The Power of The Keys, and Absolution” (1600)

Lancelot Andrewes, The Power of The Keys, and Absolution (1600) This work is a significant Elizabethan text on the doctrine of absolution and apostolic keys. Preached at the royal court in March of 1600, this sermon powerfully unpacks on that doctrine of the keys and absolution which can be found in Sacred Scripture. Andrewes’ sermons […] More →

Now online: Richard Grey, “A System of English Ecclesiastical Law” (1743)

Richard Grey, A System of English Ecclesiastical Law (1743) One of the most interesting topics in theology is the judicial and legislative rule of the Church; yet it is one of the least discussed. Today it is widely believed that the Church should have no judicial and legislative role at all, which indicates something of […] More →

Now online: John Howson, “Remarriage Be Not Permitted After Adultery” (1602)

John Howson, Remarriage Be Not Permitted After Adultery / Uxore dimissa propter fornicationem aliam non licet superinducere (1602) During the 16th century, the question of divorce was a hot topic: when are the spouses permitted to separate, and what does it mean? Some theologians said that the marital bond is broken, while others argued that […] More →