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Now online: “On Retention of ‘Obey’ in the Marriage Service” (1915)

J. Wickham Legg, On Retention of the Word ‘Obey’ in the Marriage Service (1915) This important historic artifact perfectly captures the tumultuous changes which swept over the Church of England in the early 20th century. Traditionalists in the Church looked on as new forces such as feminism, egalitarianism, and others began to come in, and […] More →

Now online: 16th c. Collection: Authority & Synods, Interpretation, Penance & Discipline

“ 16th c. Collection: Authority & Synods, Interpretation, Penance & Discipline ” Please welcome a first for a collection of various 16th century reformers on the topics of church authority, synods, scripture interpretation, and aspects of church discipline. This we hope will add a new type of resource found on collections of salient statements of […] More →