September 26, 2022

Now online: “16-18th c. Collection: Women’s Ordination”

16-18th c. Collection: Women’s Ordination

One of the most controversial topics in the Anglican world today surely is the question of women’s ordination. In thinking of how (or whether) we should add to the conversation, the best course of action seemed to be to disregard subjective views and simply let the tradition speak for itself; to surface the words and teachings of the Anglican divines, such as they may be on the subject.

It is indeed surprising that no work of any kind has ever been written about the views on Women’s Ordination in the Anglican tradition. There exists no book series from acclaimed scholars ;  no one eminent book or monograph ;  not even an academic thesis ;  not one journal article ;  not even a single online blog post somewhere, from a lay perspective. The silence is deafening, from all quarters, on what is surely a pivotal topic of debate and question, for one of the largest Christian traditions in the world. This silence makes it something of an imperative, for those who deal with historic and archival materials, to provide an analysis of them from this angle. Therefore with this publication, we hope to make a significant academic contribution to this topic.

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In this collection we have assembled the published views and theological reflections from eleven Anglican divines. As with the other 16-18th c. collection, we attach the scans of the original page, to provide opportunity for verification (and correction). Present in this collection are 16th c. theologians, 17th., and 18th. c. ones, which gives a sweep and scope to the assembled material. We also recognize that 11 divines is just a start, and more research is needed. Therefore in the coming future we hope to amend this page with even more mentions, citations, and quotations, from the most esteemed divines and theologians in our beloved Anglican tradition. Enjoy!

16-18th c. Collection: Women’s Ordination