October 18, 2012

The launch of

Dear Anglican,

Welcome to the official launch of, a site dedicated to the advancement of the classical Anglican faith in the digital age.

In the coming weeks and months we will begin to bring online classic Anglican statements of doctrine, in the exact appearance they originally had. This effort will be founded on the utmost fidelity to the original printed text, and the pious Christianity which it represents.

Our other major aim is the promotion of a common Anglican community of the orthodox and faithful adherents of the Church. This community, our forums, can be found at

The site itself will continue to be improved and expanded as well, with the perpetual goal of providing greater service to the Anglican community, strengthening its faith, and bringing it closer to unity.

At present, the publication of the classical Anglican doctrines stands as the first major endeavor. Look to the front page, in the coming weeks and months, for future initiatives and announcements.

May God be with us.
October 18, 2012 Anno Domini