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Bilson, Perpetual Government of Christ’s Church (1593), now online

Thomas Bilson: Perpetual Government of Christ’s Church (1593) During the latter years of Queen Elizabeth, certain schismatic individuals taught that the English episcopacy was obstructive to the work of the Gospel, and had no apostolic origin, merit or justification, apart from the traditions of men. This they believed they could replace with vain and invented […] More →

Sparrow’s Commentary on the Book of Common Prayer, now online

Anthony Sparrow: A Rationale upon the Book of Common Prayer (1655), here the 1684 ed. The many commentaries published through the centuries exemplify the esteem in which Anglicans hold the ancient Liturgy. Nowhere is this better seen than in Anthony Sparrow’s Rationale upon the Book of Common Prayer, first published in 1655. In that year […] More →

Convocation Book of 1606, now online

1606 Convocation Book, Government of the Catholic Church & Kingdoms of the World. After promulgating the Canons of the Church in the year 1603/4, the whole Convocation of the Church of England (then in session) in 1606 had drafted one of the most important documents in Anglican history: the Convocation Book of 1606. In this […] More →